Handheld Accesories

Discover a range of Handheld Accessories designed to enhance your grip and comfort. From grip enhancers to ergonomic handles, explore versatile options for improved mobility.

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Hand Held Reacher

- Effortlessly reduce bending and stretching with our Lightweight Hand-Held Reacher. - Weighing only 12 ounces, this reacher features a lightweight aluminum frame and requires minimal pressure to close the jaws. - Conveniently retail packaged.


- Our Dressing Stick Handle offers versatility in dressing assistance. - With models available in 18" and 24", it features a plastic-coated "S" hook at one end and a small "C" hook on the other, making it suitable for both pulling on and pushing off clothes. - Conveniently retail packaged.


- Our Hip Kit is a comprehensive solution for daily tasks, featuring a long-handled bath sponge, stocking aid, folding hand-held reacher, plastic shoe horn, and black elastic shoe laces. - Packaged for retail, this kit is long-lasting and durable


Discover the convenience of our Folding Reacher, extending to 26.5 inches and equipped with hand and foot loops for easy leg lifting support.

Leg Lifter

Discover the convenience of our Leg Lifter, a 36-inch tool with hand and foot loops, providing a simple and effective way to assist in lifting the leg.

Hands Free Inspection Mirror

Hands-free inspection mirror with a two-sided design and a 33" bendable shaft for versatile use.